I Can’t Wait to Quit My Job by Sean Gannon: Wan Chai

25 June - 25 July 2021

Woaw Gallery is pleased to present Sean Gannon’s solo exhibition, I Can’t Wait To Quit My Job, in collaboration with Ramp Gallery. Featuring 11 new works created in the past year, I Can’t Wait To Quit My Job is the Chicago-based artist’s first exhibition in Hong Kong. The show will run from 25 June – 25 July 2021 at Woaw Gallery Wanchai space. An opening reception will be held at the gallery from 5-7 PM on 25 June 2021.


Informed by the Chicago Skyline and buildings, as well as the social temperature both macro and micro, Gannon’s paintings incorporate three-dimensionality, fine woodwork, sculptural elements, and transcend the flatness of the canvas. The artist tries to avoid tools and assisting materials while painting, returning the art creating practice to its basic yet most essential form. The woodwork elements in his paintings also recall influences of Chicago Imagist artist Roger Brown and Hiam Steinbach whose works are known for his selection and presentation of objects,  the exploration of contemporary consumer culture and their psychic attachments to things.


Gannon’s introspective work, however, draws inspiration from his environment and processes its chaotic state by going deeper and looking to the past, translating his personal struggles and observations into a universal language with a sense of humour that connects all viewers. As the artist says that the work “comes from what I go through, but they are also universally relatable. I want to be a vessel for my paintings.”



About Sean Gannon

Sean Gannon(b. 1993) graduated with his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2015. Gannon has been included in a few group shows in the United States and Puerto Rico (Left Field Gallery, ParisLondonHongKong and Roberto Paradise). He has also soloed at EXPO Chicago and Luis de Jesus in Los Angeles. Gannon lives and works in Chicago, United States.