Value - Grant Levy-Lucero: Central

6 August - 2 September 2021

Woaw Gallery is pleased to present the work of Grant Levy-Lucero, the first solo exhibition Value by American artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. The exhibition period starts from August 6th 2021 to September 2nd 2021, 11am – 7pm.


Starting from abstract notions to tangible images, Grant adopted patterns representing an idea that allows the general public to subconsciously relate to a specific commercial brand. Ceramic vases involve the entanglement of being functional, decorative and a symbol of wealth throughout history. In this exhibition, Grant applied a variety of approaches using mass-produced daily commodity brands, luxury goods, and abstract images to explain the meaning of "value" from several different layers and perceptions. Grant used a western perspective that discovered the ordinary value through the most intuitive way of recapping the international commercial brands emphasizing the everyday lives and experiences, while showcasing the necessities as the basic ingredients of evolution in Chinese culture. The luxury brand became a lifestyle and visions of the good life also inevitably interpreted out of context as symbolic of wealth.


Grant contemplated a series of works reacting to the intertwined relationship of the consumer culture in modern society. Using the preexisting image in art creating similarly as the visual language of advertising. The issues of commodities and their representative images become the spectacle of society. Exhibitions take place in this specific site, Central Hong Kong, the prosperous area that brings out the contrast between handmade and industrial production, back and forth with fake and real, to leave profound thinking for daily life.