Imagined States: Chapter 2 "Intrinsicality": Central

29 November 2023 - 17 January 2024

This November, WOAW Gallery is pleased to present a series ofexhibitions, along with an academic panel discussion, on the visual exploration of cultural self-identification. At various gallery locations throughout Hong Kong from November 16, 2023 –January 17, 2024, the exhibition series “Imagined States” showcases over 20 recent paintings of12 acclaimed international artists, offering a thought-provoking journey through two distinctchapters: Chapter 1 – “Extrinsicality” and Chapter 2 – “Intrinsicality”. As a culmination of thisexciting event, an engaging academic panel discussion will be held delving into the intricatethemes and concepts behind the artwork.


Taking place at the gallery spaces in Wan Chai and Central, the exhibition series “Imagined States”showcases the artistic process of empowering metaphors through which humanity constructs andlocates itself within realms, places, and territories of the mind. In the realm of art, artists do notseek to depict accuracy, but to present a version of the truth based on their unique visualization ofthe world. They change their surroundings through various mediums, palettes, and techniques, asthey seek to express their truth by engaging with our senses, our memories, and our emotions.Through their works, each artist illustrates what exists beyond words as they unfold their personaltruth before our very eyes, inviting us to reexamine our own truths.


The second chapter, "Intrinsicality," refers to something that is natural and inherent, and takesplace at the gallery’s Central location from November 29, 2023 to January 17, 2023. In thischapter, the focus shifts inward as artists invite viewers to perceive their personal truths. Throughthe weaving together of intimate memories and unique stories, each artist presents their personallandscape, mediating their emotions and identity in the world. This immersive experience allowsboth the artists and the audience to reflect on their sense of self and engage in a sharedcontemplation of identity.Propelling the “Intrinsicality” chapter is Korean artist Miyeon Yi, who negotiates ideas of freedom,death, and ennui based on her own experience with her great-grandmother. Her atmosphericworks illustrate a continuous push and pull between the anxiety of living empty lives and thehopeful desire to transform the world that we live in. Presenting alongside Yi is American artistBlake Daniels. His evocative paintings are a collision of personal, historical, social, and politicalmemories, as Daniels draws inspiration from traditions of cultural practices and storytelling. Heintertwines his experiences with vivid colors, art histories, and religious iconography in acelebration of his understanding of the world through memory.