Lord Ohene Okyere-Bour

Lord Ohene Okyere-Bour (b. 1990, Accra, Ghana) is a Ghanaian portraiture, figurative, and life painter born in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, West Africa. He lived in Accra and later moved to Amsterdam to pursue his art career. Like many other Ghanaian artists, Ohene is a product of the Ghanatta College of Art and Design. He holds a Diploma in Fine Art. He is a self-taught art director which landed him a career in art directing and prop making in the Ghanaian movie industry for two years (2012-2014).  Ohene has worked tirelessly to master his craft. Combining figurative and portraiture skills and techniques, Ohene has developed his own unique style of bold stunning portraits making use of beads and stones which has made his work easily identifiable.


“My motive is to create a space for everyone to look back on their past to look forwards to their future. It is a memory, a mirror,  a movie set, where one can imagine who they can be and what is possible when we string our stories together. My index finger carves in these individuals and community lifestyles with a melt silver color (pastels) to puzzle up their strength and successful stories from their dark past. The beads, which well describe the beauty, Spirituality and blessings cooperatively tell their stories.”