Tyrrell Winston

Tyrrell Winston (b.1985 in New York, US) lives and works in New York. Winston’s two- and three-dimensional works are the result of years of collecting, organizing, and reconfiguring discarded, dirty, (either physically or socially), and forgotten objects. Winston has obsessively collected these items from the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn, creating work that is part public service, part examination, and part fascination with the permanent energy left behind in these seemingly insignificant records of human existence. Winston’s work also revolves around drawing absurd parallels between contrasting objects and their narratives. The disparity of these elements examines hope and despondence, resurrection and regeneration, vitality and recklessness. It should be noted that all of the basketball nets that Winston uses are replaced with new nets. The work cannot exist without the immediate exchange of old and new. Each individual element used in Winston’s work carries its own identity, context, and inseparable association that creates an automatic dialogue. Unifying concepts of nostalgia, salvation, and rebirth, Winston’s work gives refuge to new life.