Sun-Kyo Park (b.1990, South Korea) is a Korean artist born in 1990, in Jeonju, South Korea. Sun Kyo Park was awarded with Independant 2019 KOREA; In 2015, he graduated from Hoseo University, with a degree in Visual Design. He currently lives and works in Seoul. 


The power of a character's impression is tremendous. When Park Sun Kyo observes a person, he directs his focus on his facial expressions because the face also plays an important role in determining the first impression. Even though body language outlines information about the person's state of mind, the artist believes that a person's emotions and history are best revealed through the face; even if all other expressions work well, the lack of facial expression makes it difficult to captivate the audience right away at the first glance. The impression of a character with all this information gathered may be only a momentary afterimage through which we can recognize a person in a short period of time but is the most intense information that intuitively conveys the information contained in the character. Therefore, when he draws a character, he uses the body, clothes, background, and other elements to satisfy formative harmony and incidental explanation. 


His work has been exhibited in several exhibitions, including, Familia, WOAW Gallery, Hong Kong (2021); Summer Camp, GR Gallery, New York (2021); Fresh, Padre Gallery, New York (2021); Nice Guys Live Forever, Moosey Art, London (2021); Eulji Art Fair (2020); Shinwa Auction, Tricera Gallery (2020); 모락모락展 (Morak Morak), Gallery iLHO, South Korea (2020); Ultimate3, Lydia Gallery, Seoul (2020); Objects, CICA Museum, Gimpo, South Korea (2020); SEEA 2019, Seongnam Arts Center, South Korea (2019); KOREA, Piccadilly International Art Museum, South Korea (2019) and Young Creative Korea 2018, Ara Art Center, Seoul (2018).