Aneta Kajzer (Polish, b.1989) lives and works in Berlin. With generous and voluminous brush strokes, Kajzer's paintings sight both calligraphic precision and performative spontaneity. Working simultaneously on numerous canvases, the works are intelligent, visually direct and the pallet challenging. Traditional representation is repealed and the recognisable and non-representational interwoven, underpinning an ambiguous yet clear sense for humour and the uncanny. Having trained her eye with comic strips and animations, Kajzer takes us on a rollercoaster ride where the good, the bad and the ugly have all taken refuge. A haunted house of heroes and villains, where the powerful and dominant can both protect and prey. Herewith, the hierarchal seems to loom ominously in her works, an observation which can perhaps be interpreted as a vigilant warning or a grotesque condition for coexistence.