Aryo Toh Djojo

Djojo (b. 1984, Los Angeles, CA) lives and works in Los Angeles, California. He attended Art Center College of Design where he received a BFA. The artist melds science fiction and satire, while occasionally using iconic Los Angeles landmarks as his setting. Djojo’s refined skills in airbrushing often leave viewers questioning whether they are surveying a blurred photograph, or sharing in that obscure moment when Djojo’s consciousness converges with his subconscious. Purposely using the alluring borderline kitsch aesthetics of movie stills, advertising posters, and other seductive ways of depicting real-life, Toh Djojo's work can be seen as a metaphor for taking a different way of handling the unknown, which we've experienced an abundance of in recent months. And indeed, the use of exceptionally soft, stencils or tape-free airbrush acrylic technique, adds to the dreamy veneer of Toh Djojo's apparition-like snapshots. Even the technical way of its application onto the canvas surface goes in hand with the disconnection and distance present in each of the works. Feeling both authentic or documentary while having the artificial atmosphere of the movie/commercial set the whole body of work is existing on the thin line between lived and perceived experience.