Horacio Quiroz

Horacio Quiroz (Mexico, b. 1977) is seen as an established mid-career contemporary artist based in México City. After working for several years in advertisement industry, he began his self-taught painting career in 2013.  Quiroz graduated in Graphic Design from Universidad Iberoamericana, following this he worked for nearly twelve years as Creative Art Director various renowned international advertising agencies, such as Publicis México and Zeta Advertising. During this time Quiroz took care of local and international accounts. As a publicist he learned to work under pressure on several projects at once, he gained a thorough understanding of how the industry works through dealing with customers, planners, brand managers, designers, producers, models etc. 


Despite working full time as a publicist, Quiroz’s artistic education never stopped as he was always learning from the work of other art directors and great photographers, who he was fortunate to work with both here in Mexico and abroad. 


In 2013, driven by his passion for the visual arts he decided to leave behind advertising and to devote himself entirely to artistic activity, to somehow reconnect with the spontaneity he had in his childhood. Thus, over the last six years he has launched himself on a new career path. 


Just 3 years after starting his artistic career he was selected in the XVII Rufino Tamayo Biennial of Painting.  His artistic proposal has been exhibited in different venues, galleries and art fairs in Mexico, Australia, United States, Europe and Asia. His work has been published in blogs and magazines in the United States, Canada, Denmark, UK, Germany, Spain, Chile and Mexico among others.  


Quiroz painting is an exploration of the concept of polarity inspired by the texts of hermetic philosophy of The Kybalion, Carl Jung and the Tao. He uses the human body as a tool for representing movement and change. It is through the body that we are learning to “be human” since we are constituted as beings by polarity itself, the flesh, the visible, the tangible and the spirit, invisible and intangible.