Born in 1980 in Versailles (FR), Laurent Proux lives and works in Paris. His spray paint and graphite or oil paintings - which originate from photographs - portray workplaces emptied from their occupants. Phone shops, offices, data centers, factories... these small worlds of dehumanized geometry are blurry and filled with graffitis and signs. These compositions, bursted up by the colors, are purposedly altered in their readability and rationality by the artist, thus hacking the programmatic language. The figuration and abstraction of the paintings are also questioned, along with their capability of infiltrating and of modifying these environments which are the symbols of modernity. Since a couple of years, Laurent Proux has also added the human dimension to the industrial spaces of his works, arising the questioning of the body from the point of view of social relations.  


Laurent Proux’s works are among the collections of the National Center for Plastic Arts (CNAP), the Regional Contemporary Art Fund (FRAC) Occitanie and Limousin, and the Municipal Fund of the City of Paris (FMAC). His work has also been exhibited at the Shanghai Art Museum (CN), at the Center for Contemporary Arts in Moscow, Amsterdam (Arti et amicitiae) and Germany (Leipwig: Westwerk , Lia Spinnerei, Baumwollspinnerei; Hamburg: Hochschule fürBildende Künste, Interconti, Frappent), at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lyon (FR), at the FRAC Limousin (Limoges, FR), and more recently at Le Lieu Commun in Toulouse for the festival "Le Printemps de Septembre".