Peter Chan

Born 1985 in Hong Kong, China, Peter Chan studied art at Sheridan College, Toronto, ON Canada. He received his Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA) in 2008. Within Chan's Paintings, the narrative themes can be considered autobiographical. He often explores critical themes of East Asia, while often distorting and recomposing imagery to form compositions that allow for new narratives and meaning. Currently, he is interested in the themes of superstition, identity, popular culture, traditions, and gender ideologies. The artist uses a mix of contemporary figures to form new stories by reintroducing them
with both historical and contemporary references. His latest works delve deeper into the
dissection of social practices as informed by urban and traditional Hong Kong and Chinese Culture.
The artist strives to establish an autobiographical connection with viewers through intricate technical execution and familiar visual narratives, such as scenes from iconic Hong Kong films. More than merely paying homage to the illustrious film industry of Hong Kong, Chan prompts viewers to contemplate how popular culture influences our understanding of urban living and perception of social identity. Chan’s work has been featured in numerous publications and newspapers including Yahoo NewsHK, Tatler, ChinaDaily, MingPaoDaily, BOOOOOOOM, and The Globe and Mail.
His work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions worldwide including Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, and Toronto. He has also been included in the Art with Heart Collection for Casey House Toronto, auctioned off at the Art Gallery of Toronto, Canada. He currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada.