Matías Sánchez

Born in 1972 in Tübingen, Germany, Matías Sánchez is a self taught artist currently living and working in Seville, Spain. Through his own exploration, the artist developed a signature style of vivid painterly surfaces as a backdrop against spirited characters and objects. To him, painting is simply about painting, indulging in the joy of doing so. Each work is an exploration of colors, paints, and the language of painting. While he uses recurring elements such as bones, rats, menacing figures, these are simply part of the painting language for the artist. The subject of the paintings are less important to Matías than the act of painting, the composition of a work and references distilled from the artist’s decades of dedication to studying history and the arts. Such depth comes so naturally that for him an inside joke about Brancusi or revolution poets are merely the basic tools and building blocks for his painting compositions.