Dan Schein

Dan Schein was born in South Africa in 1985, where he spent part of his childhood in Johannesburg, then in Israel, then New York City. He studied painting at SUNY in Purchase, New York; and Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. The artist paints often without a sketch, allowing the motifs to emerge through the painterly, powerful strokes. Without distorting the colors, he depicts the forms of nature in rough caricatures, and faces are reduced to a few, but vital marks. The paintings elicit conflicted feelings the viewer - amusement, disgust, shame, bewilderment, enticement. The figures are often exposed or vulnerable, either literally naked, or in other ways exposed through awkward situations with an ambivalent ambience, emphasised with humour and irony. The characters belong to the edge of our society, far away from the urban cities.