Corydon Cowansage

Corydon Cowansage uses banal forms to create surreal compositions that play with light, color, and the viewer’s perceptions. Her seemingly abstract paintings have their roots in the beauty of small everyday delights of the observed world, from architectural details to bodily forms. These referents are transformed through vibrant, hard-edge color and geometric pattern in lush canvases that reveal painterly handling upon close examination. Cowansage also plays with scale, often creating an uncanny, embodied experience for the viewer through the use of large canvases shown off the wall and other tricks of perspective. Corydon Cowansage received an MFA from RISD and a BA from Vassar College. She has participated in residencies at the Bronx Museum of the Arts and the Yale Norfolk School of Art. Her paintings have been exhibited most recently at Miller Gallery in New York, Deli Projects in Basel, The Bronx Museum of the Arts in New York, James Graham & Sons in New York, and Regina Rex in Brooklyn. In 2013 she was awarded the W.K. Rose Fellowship from Vassar College. She lives and works in New York.