Dylan Rose Rheingold

Dylan Rose Rheingold (b. 1997, New York, New York) delves into the effects and experiences of girlhood within American contemporary culture in her painting practice by foregrounding symbols of her adolescence, femininity, and heterogeneous cultural background to investigate the idea of otherness. By re-presenting these elements in occasionally unexpected configurations, she threads a non-linear narrative throughout her oeuvre, populated with ambiguous representations of family, friends, and the artist herself. The stories that spill forth highlight everyday emotions and quotidian spaces which exaggerate the details and often vailed truths- such as braces, birth control, heavy periods & stretch marks- within the dynamism of the coming of age feminine experience.

Rheingold received her BFA from Syracuse University and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts, New York. Her paintings have been featured in exhibitions at Jupiter Contemporary, Miami Beach; T293 Gallery, Rome; Thierry Goldberg Gallery, New York; London Paint Club, London; Grove Collective, London; Backhaus Projects, Berlin; China Academy of Art, Hangzhou; Latitude Gallery, New York; Selenas Mountain, New York; UUU Art Collective, Rochester; Ki Smith Gallery, New York; amongst others. Rheingold lives and works in New York City.