An illustrator and artist living in Kamakura. Characterized by his nihilistic and pop style. In recent years he has been active in the world, including shows and art piece releases in England, France, Pain, Dubai, Hong Kong and Beijing.


Jun Oson started his illustrator career in 2005. Characters with a peanut-shaped feature were created at that time. His artworks have a stateless style based on the influence of manga and animations that he has been unconsciously influenced since childhood, with elements from Western artists such as James Jarvis and KAWS. It may be similar to the way the Japanese, who maintained a unique culture, are being influenced by the West to create a more special culture. In addition to people with various skin colours, monsters and robots appear in his works. “Diversity” is something he has always had since he started his career and is fundamental to his values. He has done a lot of work as an illustrator and has become known to many people in Japan.