Auudi Dorsey

Auudi Dorsey (b.1992) work comes from within and comes from perspective. Figures seen in the artist work are inspired by the day-to-day people and circumstances that exist in southern culture. “Painting these people allow them to be part of something greater than their situation and reality but also this a buy product of how New Orleans has influenced my practice” said Auudi. The ideal of adding value to what may seem valueless aesthetically to the human eye or stories of how Black Americans in the south still hold on to most of their ancestorial culture. Figures in his work can be seen engaging in their environment whether it’s from celebrations, traditions, or social conditions. White tees, cars and cigarettes are variables that can be seen often in his works.The communication within the artist works channels the past present and the now of Blackfolks in the South.


Auudi Dorsey works resides in the Museum collections of X Museum Beijing, China, The Xiao Museum of Contemporary Art Rizhao, China and UpNext Museum San Juan, Puerto Rico.