Giles Pates

Giles Jackson Pates, born in 1992, is an artist residing and working in New York City. A graduate with high honors from Pratt Institute, Pates has quickly emerged as a noteworthy talent in the contemporary art scene.



In 2022, Pates marked a significant milestone with his first solo exhibition in downtown Manhattan, showcasing his distinctive approach to exploring the dynamics of shared spaces. Notably, he has also contributed to several group shows, further solidifying his presence in the art community.



A native New Yorker, Pates draws inspiration from the unique energy and diversity of the city. His artistic journey delves into the essence of shared spaces, aiming to unravel the threads that bind communities together. In a previous series, Pates delved into interior spaces where people forged connections through the universal language of music.



Currently, Pates is immersed in a new series that captures the essence of neighborhood basketball hoops and the communities that gather around them. Through his lens, he seeks to narrate the profound reality of human connections within shared spaces. With an acute sensitivity to the nuances of community life, Pates endeavors to reveal the stories that unfold when people come together, emphasizing the beauty found in everyday interactions.



As Pates continues to evolve as an artist, his work serves as a poignant reflection of the intricate tapestry of human connection, inviting viewers to explore and contemplate the deeper layers of our shared experiences.