Keita Shirayama

Keita Shirayama was born in 1986 in Asago City, Hyogo Prefecture. His works depict imaginary scenes inspired by his childhood memories in 

a nature-rich environment.


His art inspired from deeply ingrained memories of landscapes, sensations, colors, and scenes he experienced in the past. These memories, connected to life and death, emotions, and the cycle of existence, serve as the foundation for his creations.


The transience of life, the fleeting nature of existence, and the perpetual cycle of life and death are themes that resonate in Shirayama's work. The ephemerality of all living things, the constant change, aging, and renewal, are aspects that deeply affect his artistic perspective.


Growing up surrounded by nature influences his perception of landscapes, plants, and the gradual passage of time. The unique strokes and delicate colors in his oil paintings capture the powerful vitality of life, the poignant essence of finite existence, and the ceaseless flow of time.


His paintings evoke a sense of familiarity, resembling memories or dreams, connecting viewers to a world where people, animals, landscapes, and scenes intermittently evoke a mysterious sensation of life and death. The charm of his art expands through this enigmatic connection, creating a captivating allure for those who observe it.