(b.1995 Hong Kong) Lau is studying for a Master of Fine Arts in Taipei. Her major artistic practices across painting, collage and video. She tries to pick the pondering weight in lithe fortuitousness through chasing between imageries and texts, and gathering up excerpts of garble. Those experiences which are random-like, turn into interlacing of meaning through the overlapping process, extends to abstract ways of seeing. Believing in instincts but also against too vague and empty freedom, She is composing the visual paragraphs through sticking close to the reverse side of reality.

Recent series including: Stay Away from Watercourses (Underground Experimental Field, TNUA, Taiwan, 2023), joint exhibition Ways of Running and Embracing (Floating Projects, Hong Kong, 2023) and solo exhibition Stones that Got Thrown in Didn’t Hit the Ground (ACO Art Space, Hong Kong, 2021), etc..