Paul Insect (b. 1971) is a street artist, who is also known as PINS, he was born in south-eastern England. Insect’s slick and lively mixed-media works demonstrate the desire to reveal and to hide. The high-profile, reclusive artist, is part of an illustrious street art clan alongside the notorious and ever-illusive, Banksy. Insect’s bracing paintings are a collision of colour, line and enshrouded faces with clear references to Dada, Pop Art and graffiti. Anonymous eyes, lips and noses are buried behind swabs of bright primary colours and bold patterns collaged and painted onto a single canvas. Paul Insect's images are provoking and prodigious, dripping as much with sensitivity and gravitas as they are with sex and death. His refined interpretations of visceral subject matter depict the frustrations of a modern man, teeming with unkempt aggression and sexuality, but yearning for a higher moral purpose.