Léo Luccioni (b. 1994, France) lives and works in Brussels.

His multidisciplinary practice moves seamlessly between installation, sculpture, printmaking, and drawing. Through colorful, pop, and flashy aesthetics, Luccioni highlights the ambiguity of our relationship with consumerism in a neoliberalism era. Between seduction and abhorrence, ephemeral and sacred, his work involves daily-life standardized products to which are given precious and fictional forms. His pieces become characters of fictional narration, comically similar to entrepreneurial storytelling. Under the disguise of humor and deliberate anti-poetry, Léo Luccioni’s work is deeply conceptual. His subtly provocative practice constantly applies capitalistic phenomenons - such as counterfeit, delocalized production of his pieces, and advertising - to the artistic field, questioning the absurdity of mass production and the illusion of material happiness of our time.


Luccioni graduated from La Cambre, Brussels, BE with an MFA in Printmakingt in 2017. Solo exhibitions include Egregorien, Everyday Gallery, Antwerp, BE (2020); Hyperstition, Centre Intermonde, La Rochelle, FR (2020); Nul si Découvert, Hotel de Ville de Paris, Paris, FR (2019); and Sale, Moonens Foundation, Brussels, BE. Selected group exhibitions include La Totale, Studio Orta-Les Moulin, Boissy-le-châtel, FR (2020); Digestive Disaster Lucky Star, Stems Gallery, Brussels, BE (2020).