24 June - 19 July 2020

WOAW Gallery & Case Studyo join hands once again and present “Sandworm” by American artist Charlie Roberts. This is Roberts’s first solo show in Hong Kong. The show titled “Sandworm” takes its name from American science fiction novelist Frank Herbert's work "Dune" where the sandworm is the gate keeper to highly prized magical drug. The exhibition is open now till 19th JULY at WOAW Gallery, 5 Sun Street, Hong Kong. Besides art pieces, the exhibition is complemented by a special wooden sculpture and a small bronze classic patina figure.


In 1965, American science fiction novelist Frank Herbert launched the work "Dune"; imagining a future on the planet Arrakis thousands of years later. A rare and holy drug named “Melange” is sought for by humanity. The usage of the drug allows the ability to predict the future and prolong life. Excessive dosage will lead to addiction and hallucinations. The protagonist in the novel is determined to get his hands on “Melange”, however, is met by the gatekeeper of the treasure. The giant Sandworm is able to detect any vibrations on the ground and will devour anyone in search of “Melange”.


Charlie Roberts takes inspiration from the Sandworm and creates to metaphor the contradiction between nature and human civilization. The Sandworm goes on assault on the persistent treasure hunters. The treasure seeks knowing the dangers insist on their quest and in turn respond to the creature with different measures. Charlie Roberts connects the real world with the notion of spiritual consciousness through his paintings. Breaking the boundaries of the two with psychedelics, and rendering them in his work. His works are rendered in different shades of blue and washed-out residual colors, creating a mysterious and ethereal atmosphere. The characters in “Dune” embrace, ignore, and fear the future in their own various ways; questioning the necessity and worthiness in pro-longing life. The search for the meaning of life requires a new consciousness, the anticipation of facing the unknown and one may enter the deeps.


To celebrate his first solo show in Hong Kong, Roberts has created a wooden sculpture and small bronze classic patina figure. The wooden sculpture is a hand-carved portrait of a man followed with a full body design. The character has a white shirt and blue jeans on, and placed in a deep dark green background. The man’s facial features are carved out meticulously and finished with acrylic paint; fully displaying Charlie Roberts' quiet and ethereal style. The small bronze figure features a mushroom sporting sneakers that often appears in the works of Roberts’. The bronze figure comes along with a specially designed box and will be sold in limited quantities.