Familia – Curated by Pablo Villazán: Wan Chai

19 August - 18 September 2021

Woaw Gallery is pleased to present Familia, a group exhibition curated by Pablo Villazán. The exhibition is on view from August 19th 2021 to September 18th 2021 at Woaw Gallery, 5 Sun Street, Wan Chai.


The exhibition features work by European, American and Asian artists Edgar Plans (Spain, b.1977), Adriana Oliver (Spain, b.1990), Stickymonger (Korea), Sun-Kyo Park (Korea, b.1990), Ana Barriga (Spain, b.1984), Grip Face (Spain, b.1988), Patty Spyrakos (Iceland, b.1974), Willem Hoeffnagel (The Netherlands, b.1995) and Evgen Čopi Gorišek (Slovenia, b.1994).


The most important thing in Pablo Villazán’s career is the relationship with his artists whom he calls “Familia”. He knows perfectly the dreams of each one of them and strives every day to make these dreams come true. Family is synonymous with unconditional love and loyalty, an entity that fights, dreams and works for the good of all its members.


In recent times, this concept has amplified. The globalization, social networks and the unfortunate COVID-19 virus has made us surround ourselves with a virtual family that we have never seen in person, but with whom we share our concerns and talk daily. As a gallerist, he is fortunate to share his life with artists and surround myself with people with special sensibility. People who become friends and friends who then become family.


In his debut as curator for the Woaw Gallery in Hong Kong, Pablo Villazán wants to be accompanied by his family whom he grows every day as a gallerist and as a person. This group of artists shares much more than a professional relationship. They all have an original style, which makes them unique, but they also have a common denominator - a benchmark of the contemporary art scene that make their characters recognizable by everyone else. Such as the fantastic heroes of Edgar Plans, the cinematographic portraits of Adriana Oliver, the sublime pictorial elegance of the work of Sun-Kyo Park, the delicate porcelain of the portraits of Ana Barriga, the expressionism in the faces of the characters of Evgen Čopi Gorišek, the subtle femininity and beauty of the character of Stickymonger, the poetic and colorful fantasy of the portraits of Grip Face, the expressive eyes in the character of Willem Hoeffnagel and the grotesque beauty of the busts of Patty Spyrakos.