Memories in Motion by Jade Kim: Singapore

18 March - 20 May 2023

WOAW Gallery is pleased to present Jade Kim’s debut exhibition in Singapore. The solo exhibition titled Memories in Motion, from March 18 to May 20, 2023,showcases the artist's exploration of emotion, memory, and personal experience through his vibrant and intricate paintings.


The animated character featured in Jade Kim’s paintings, MIN, is inspired by and modelled after the artist’s wife for her endearing personality and the memories they share. As MIN navigates various vibrant and imaginative worlds, wide-eyed; the artist invites us to ponder on the character’s resistance to certain aspects of life or personal experience. The way that she is set against different landscapes reflects the transient nature of memory and its impact on one’s personal identity. As MIN goes through the ebb and flow of life, she becomes a symbol of stability in the midst of chaos.

Kim's use of emotion and personal experience in his art aligns with a broader trend in contemporary art that emphasises the expression of feeling and emotion over representational accuracy. His exploration of memory and personal identity can also be situated within a larger tradition of artists using personal experiences as a source of inspiration.


Memories in Motion is WOAW Gallery Singapore’s second show in their newly opened Ann Siang Hill space, which seeks to uphold the same energy as its galleries in Hong Kong and Beijing with a steady stream of international and regional artists who continue to push the boundaries of artistic excellence.

With this new outpost, the gallery ushers in a new chapter in WOAW Gallery’s never-ending pursuit for contemporary art and its makers. WOAW Gallery Singapore positions itself as a dynamic, flexible and multifaceted hub for the artistic ecosystem, promising to engage with current and emerging collectors within the region, and to assist them with building world class contemporary art collections that showcases the prowess of Southeast Asian creators. This latest expansion to Singapore also represents WOAW Gallery’s ongoing concerted effort to introduce emerging artists from different local and regional contexts, and to strengthen its connections to art communities across key Asian cities through expanded and carefully augmented programming.


To celebrate the opening of Jade Kim’s first ever solo show in Southeast Asia, WOAW Gallery is collaborating with local floral designer Out of Stalk on floral installations within the gallery space. WOAW Gallery will host a cocktail reception from 3-7pm on March 18, sponsored by MHD Singapore.