Feel The Heat by Jon Burgerman: Singapore

5 August - 23 September 2023

WOAW Gallery is proud to present UK-born, NYC-based artist, Jon Burgerman (b.1979) for his first solo exhibition Feel The Heat in Singapore.


The title embodies a clever double entendre of a tongue-in-cheek reference to the ‘hotness’ in Burgerman’s latest work while also poignantly reflects our anxiety towards climate change as our planet grapples with its hottest recorded temperatures. Burgerman's show goes forth with saturated neon-like colours, reminiscent of heat maps, where his compositions fluidly drip and merge into one another, mirroring the ever-changing state of our environment.


Feel The Heat expresses the joy and freedom often felt during the summer, but amidst that he wonders a thought-provoking question: How hot can it really go? The world seems to be melting under sweltering conditions and this show invites us to ponder the consequences of global warming.


Renowned for his instantly recognisable, vibrant characters, Burgerman's paintings delve into a myriad of emotional complexities, reflecting the world's surroundings. Beneath the seemingly lighthearted surface, his art becomes a conduit for expressing serious matters in a playful manner. As he puts it, "My paintings have become the place I can open up and smile, laugh, scream, sigh, and cry."


Feel The Heat is WOAW Gallery’s fourth exhibition and follows Burgerman’s current contribution to an all star group show at the prestigious Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art in Budapest. At the foot of Ann Siang Hill, the gallery continues its commitment to maintaining the dynamic spirit of its counterparts in Hong Kong and Beijing by showcasing diverse and international artists who push the boundaries of artistic excellence.