Careers in the Arts by Chris Regner: Central

21 February - 20 March 2024
WOAW Gallery is pleased to present Careers in the Arts, Chris Regner's first solo exhibition in Asia. The exhibition features a series of self-deprecating paintings that delve into the personal and universal human experience, through a lens of Regner’s self-identity as an artist and his encounters with struggles and solitude in the contemporary art world. Showcasing 9artworks he created this year, Careers in the Artswill be on view from February 21 to March 20, 2024, at the gallery's Central location.It’s been argued, or perhaps agreed, that every painting, every artwork even, is a self-portrait of the person who made it. Once that is acknowledged, there is a small step to approaching a more pronounced, traditional self-portrait format. And for his Asian solo debut with WOAW gallery in Hong Kong, Chris Regner made that step and focused solely on creating a self-deprecating body of work. Somewhat continuing onto his 2021 solo that dealt with the struggles with masculinity in the context of lacking a good role model, he is now talking about himself as an artist. Lonesomly making work in this day and age, motivated and crippled by contemporary reality and both the personal and universal human conditions, he examines the challenges and sacrifices imposed by choosing Careers in the Arts.